Our Team


Melissa is an artist when it comes to haircut and beard perfection.  Some of Melissa's talents include the current trend of carving fantastic designs...  the young boys and their parents love this skill!  Melissa has been with JERSEY'S for 4 years - has many men who only let her cut their hair -  and serves as the Manager of the business.  Each new employee fine-tunes their cutting techniques under her tutelage.


Brianna has been styling hair for several years, and has been with JERSEY'S for 2 years.  In addition to top-quality cuts, Brianna's prize characteristic is her sense of humor, her laughter, and her ability to get young children to WANT to get their hair cut!  At the present time Brianna is back in school to get her barber's license.  She works at JERSEY'S on Saturdays and every other Sunday.


From Fresno to the greater Sacramento area, Jesse has customers that won't go anywhere else.  Jesse has 20 years experience in cutting hair and is a true master at the skills involved!  Jesse works primarily weekends at JERSEY'S.


Some people are great hairstylists.. others are great stylists who can teach these skills very effectively to others.  Elyse is one of these people!!!  A new mom with a young baby daughter, Elyse is at JERSEY'S most Sundays.


For those customers who have been with JERSEY'S since it opened March 2015, Danielle is a very familiar, friendly face!  After a short hiatus in Las Vegas, she returned to JERSEY'S and everyone is happy to have her back...  Another great hair stylist to choose from!  Danielle also has a new baby girl!


 You won't know that Bailey is only 20 years old when you see the cuts she can do and the conversations she has with customers of all ages!  JERSEY'S is blessed to have "plucked" Bailey from the job market and she is proving to be an invaluable addition to our employee family.


The newest member of JERSEY'S employee team, Michelle is proving herself invaluable.  A stylist for over 20 years, she is refining her skills after a 2-year break to be a full-time mom and wife.  A fast learner and a very easy-going stylist!